Storage Containers for Rent

On-Site 16ft Rental

Portable Storage Container – Our yard

16 ft length x 8ft width x 8ft height

  • Secure storage yard, video monitored, fenced & gated

  • Weather, water & rodent proof climate controlled storage

  • Secure anti theft locks with additional alarm options

  • Conveniently located in Summerland,bc industrial park


15% Special


On-Site 20ft Rental

Portable Storage Container – Our yard

20ft Deep x 8ft Wide x 8ft High

  • Traditional shipping container extremely sturdy.

  • Weather, water & rodent proof climate controlled storage

  • Anti vandalism lock guard High security locks

  • On-Site Rentals Only – Summerland, BC



Off-Site 16ft Rental

Portable Storage Container – Your Location

Portable storage containers delivery system
  • Deliver & store container at your business or residence.

  • Short & long term options available

  • Store in a driveway, yard, cabin, construction site, special event or business

  • Empty container pick up & delivery only

  • Manage your own secure lock and key.

  • A more appealing look than sea-can shipping containers



Portable Delivery System

Coming soon

  • Portable storage containers are changing the storage business dramatically.

  • This new fast, easy, convenient way to deliver storage units to your doorstep saves you time and money loading – transporting – storing items to and from your home to fixed storage units.

  • *ROCO Storage currently offers pick up and delivery service of empty containers only.

  • If you are looking for a temporary or long-term storage unit located at your residence or business contact us today for availability.

ROCO Summerland Storage Yard

We are located at the base of Giants Head Mountain in Summerland, BC industrial park.

Our property is fenced, video monitored, flat, easily accessible, and ideal for all industrial workshops, storage, and commercial business operations.

ROCO Summerland storage yard

Perfect storage

Ideal size for a 1200sq.ft space of storage, our portable storage containers are a perfect size to store or move your stuff.

All storage needs

Comparable to a mini storage locker size on 10 x 15 our containers are the popular choice in size for all your storage needs.

Secure storage

Portable storage containers offer secure, dry, rodent free, weather proof storage space for your valuable items.

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